6 car secrets that make life easier for the driver

6 car secrets that make life easier for the driver Car enthusiasts with experience are carriers of many life hacks that allow you to make life behind the wheel more convenient, as well as prepare for various unforeseen situations. Here are 6 such secrets. Non-freezing areas for the off-season The washer tank in the warm season is usually filled with plain water. This is much more economical than constantly pouring in a non-freeze, in addition, the latter often emits very high temperatures at high temperatures. some will even say that it is harmful to pour in the non-freeze. But there are also disadvantages – for example, the texture of the liquid becomes very thick, and it is hard to pour out the liquid in it. It is much easier to pour water into the washer water Fill the washer tank with filtered or purified water Take a container for washing glasses, and fill it with water. If there is no such container, then use the one that is usually used for washing dishes – this is a good option, especially if you have a small car or a small backyard. Well, if you already have a container for washing glasses, then you can use the one that I used to make . Besides, it is much cheaper and very effective. I hope that my advice will help you in this even more. Don't forget to PRESS your FINGER UP when you read the article. Good luck on the roads! A couple more tips: How to make the windshield perfectly clean If you are a fan of clean not only the body, but also the glass, then Share this article with your friend on social networks.